Baby in a Box: World Prematurity Day

I’m lucky.

I’m lucky that I’m spending World Prematurity Day with families who’ve withstood incredible hardships.

I’m lucky that I have have passion to raise awareness about the #1 fatality among newborns.

I’m lucky that I have the talent to share my son’s incredible story.

I’m lucky that he came home.

There are pictures you may never see of the day he faced Death. You can read about it, and it will break your heart. But those images are forever engraved into mine, no matter how many times it shatters.

World Prematurity Awareness Day
Our wedding rings on his arm.

I’m lucky that he waited until 26 weeks and 6 days of gestation to come into this world, with his limbs scrunched together and his tiny lungs unable to function on their own.

I’m lucky that I have a wonderful husband who didn’t abandon the boy in the box he called his son, or the woman who came home miserable every night he called his wife.


I’m lucky that on World Prematurity Day I can send my son to school even though the bleeding in his head from his premature birth eroded a third of his brain.

Every child changes a parent’s life. My son enlightened mine. He is my hero, my inspiration and the best part of every day, not matter how much that day hurts.

Ask parents like me why today, World Prematurity Day is important. Then ask how you can help someone else be as lucky as me.

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