Own it. Know it. Reclaim it.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve started a blog… and been deleted no doubt by an annoyed IT guy.

Well you have my apologies gurus of the ‘puter, ’cause here I go again!

What’s my motivation this time? Reclaiming of myself, motivating myself, and putting another thing on my “to do” list.

I used to keep a fairly frequent journal on
www.myweightbattle.com as editor Krystyn. It chronicled my journey through a weight loss from about 250lbs to 165-ish. I felt responsible to an unseen public.

Since then, a very happy and celebratory married life, two and a half years later, has brought me back to a freakin’ not cool 227lbs. And yes, the inches have returned, whereas my wardrobe has not (i.e. I gave all the big clothes away). And I’ve not been in a regular fitness routine for months, when I used to go 3-4 times a week before I got married. I was also working like a madwoman away from the temptations of the home/fridge (ie. tv/computer and food).

So at present, I’m not a happy camper with my fitness/weight.

Deep Breath: Own it. Know it. Reclaim it.

The goal: lose the inches, get back my health/fitness. Timeline – well that depends…
How: hard work and dedication. There is no magic answer. Plain truth, sorry.
Tools: well low carb diets work great for me. However, I’m also trying to get pregnant, so that’s not great (high protein diets may cause kidney problems in a fetus). So, I have to figure out the best balance of calorie and carb for me. I use protein shakes and bars as meal replacements and/or supplements. At present, I’m only taking a multi-vitamin. I am a member of the YMCA (
www.ymca.ca) and I really enjoy taking classes there. Only now, I have to step it up and really challenge myself – and that means not just during the group classes, but also with my own cardio and weight training goals. push push push!