The Numbers Speak for Themselves Jan 2007

So I don’t really know whether I’m up or down until it’s too late. When I last lost 95lbs, doing monthly measurements of my circumferences was far more helpful and inspriational than standing on a scale every day. While a daily weight is something I am guilty of, it usually ends up being frustrating or obessive (i.e. over single pounds).

That being said, here’s my numbers for Jan 2007
103.5 kg 227.7lb
bicep 13 inches
tricep 11.5
bust 42
rib 36.5
waist 35
belly 43
hip 50
thighs 53
L thigh 31
knee 22.5
calf 19.5

Today I didn’t make it to the gym (I’d hoped it), nor did I do my painting in the rental condo (I’d really meant to). Switching between shifts (days/nights) is taking more of a toll on me than it used to. I think I have to start re-organising how I deprive myself of sleep.

However, I did make it out for a 45 minute dog walk with my husband, and the dog we’re babysitting. Moderate pace. One very short burst of jogging – MAN!! Am I out of shape! I don’t run to begin with, but I was able to accomplish 15 minutes at one point in my life. I think I lasted 45 seconds today. Pitiful, really.

The food issue is coming along…but slowly. I have to make a concrete meal plan because right now I’m grazing, which is okay, but not really paying attention to appropriate quantity. And today I was munching even though I wasn’t “hungry”. Bad idea.

Goals for this week: Get the food plan organised
Goals for this month: hit the gym at least 3 times a week.