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Mark Ellis, co-creator of Flashpoint (CBS/CTV) says, “I’ve met many real-life heroes and Lesley ranks right up there with the best of them. Her courage is inspiring and you’ll never forget her family’s journey.”

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Growing A Rainbow
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Reviews of Growing a Rainbow

Canada Blog House: “As someone who has never mothered a child of her own, let alone a premature baby, I wasn’t sure how I would react to reading this book. Would I truly understand and empathize with Lesley? Would I feel her pain and fathom what it’s like to raise a child born so prematurely? The answer, it turned out, was an emphatic YES!”

Bibliomama: “Much of Lesley’s account feels almost shockingly intimate – confessions of guilt and hopelessness, the inevitable toll taken on her relationship with her husband, and feelings of resentment directed at the rest of the world, particularly people taking home healthy babies. At times when she holds Torran and his oxygen levels drop, it feels like her love is doing actual harm to him. There are also flashes of spiky humour, revolving around the physical indignities of breast-pumping and baby poop, and moments of rare beauty, such as the first time she gets to hold her son, swaddled and then skin to skin, and (this one made me tear up) the moment when she gives a mother’s day card to the nurse who has been as ardent an advocate and caregiver for her son as his own parents.”

Katharina Staub, President, Canadian Premature Babies Foundation: “It brings back memories of the journey of my prematurely born twins. While reading the book, I felt like I was back in the NICU…Lesley’s writing is both scary and uplifting as she tells how her family struggled through the NICU.”

email from a reader:

Yesterday I finally found the time in which to sit down and read your book properly from cover to cover.  It was very absorbing and your story held my attention throughout though I did skip a lot of the medical monthly summaries!  Their length did speak for themselves however in showing how remarkable Torran was/is. I thought you got the balance pretty well right between emotion, character description, factual info and humour and you certainly led the reader on a long journey of ups and downs – we were able to share that with you and Bruce easily without getting too discouraged and admire you both.  So yes, your book is inspirational in that sense.  I loved the way you described the nurses and what they did and what an overwhelming medical/surgical achievement it was whilst keeping Torran very much as his own little person.  And your use of style and language was excellent. So all in all, VERY WELL DONE!

An review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A must read for parents and early childhood educators!, March 14 2015

An honest and heart-warming journey of one family’s experience with the premature birth of their baby. Once you start reading, you cannot help but finish. Through tears and smiles, you begin to learn about the pure love parents demonstrate at one of the most difficult times in their life. As a mom and educator of young children, this book has given me a better perspective and understanding of both the parents and the preemie who will one day be in my care.

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