Torran is…holy moley! 8 years old.

Eight years ago I gave birth to a preemie for whom the very act of breathing could kill him.

Days later, he wasn’t expected to survive the night.

After several offers to remove life support, too many weeks of heartache and years of waiting for the next brain surgery to come, I sit in near disbelief at the boy who faced death and won.

Torran, you are the strongest person I know, and you don’t even realise it. You are a shining example of everything that is right in the world. I am incredibly proud to be your mother.

I told myself I wouldn’t cry today for 8 years is a significant age: the year of infinity, when everything seems possible.

But I can’t help it. So forgive me for sniffling when I hug you, choking up when I kiss you and saying over and over again:

I love you.

Born three months early, Torran's been kicking ass and taking names for 8 years.
Born three months early, Torran’s been kicking ass and taking names for 8 years.

I you haven’t haven’t read Torran’s story, please consider getting your copy of his book, Growing a Rainbow: The Premature Journey of a Two Pound Hero. Proceeds support the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, and the work they do to support families affected by prematurity. Torran was born three months early after my water broke at 19 weeks because of oligohydramnios. When I was pregnant, the doctors recommended that I terminate my pregnancy because my son would grow up with severe physical problems. Although he faces many diagnoses, he is thriving and loves spending time with his family and his imaginary dinosaur on holiday.