A Friend Wrote…

We have many heartwarming thoughts shared with us by email, the phone and in person. Often they are words of encouragement and support. Sometimes, guidance or education. Many times they light my face with a smile or glisten my eyes with tears.

These words were written by my a friend of mine in the SCA, and I wanted to share…

Life for Torran is not easy right now, but it is basic:
Torran follows the cues you, his daddy and his nurses/doctors give to him.
He does his best to drink what is given to him, when and how it is presented.
He does his best to breath with the minimal amount of aid, and however it is presented and augmented for him.
He lets his body cue you, when and how changes to his environment are advisable.
He understands that everyone around him is doing their best for him, even when he is not enjoying the experience.
He takes what comfort he can, from the feel of Mommies soft body and her “right” scent.
He takes what comfort he can, from the feel of Daddies strong body and steady heartbeat.
He knows, beyond any doubt, that he is loved deeply by many people.
He lets others do the waiting, worrying, weeping, decision making and praying.
His angels watch over him, when no one else is watching.
You have to add to his list of accomplishments, all he teaches us.
He has taught me to be more grateful for the air I breathe, the food I eat, the myriad of simple pleasures around me, and the blessing of family and friends.
How wise he is, for someone so small!

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